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I'm a football fan, a sports fan, a fan of competition. - Matthew McConaughey

ZonalSports is a breeding platform for Sports fans to embrace fair reporting and updates on the various sports niches like Football, Basketball, Tennis tournaments etc.; ZonalSports is here to fuel passion and sportsmanship.

Our mission

ZonalSports seeks to provide a fair and neutral platform in the arena of Sports reporting and news. Information, statistics and real-time analysis are crucial for Sports fans, agents and watchers; ZonalSports intends to abridge this gap through unbiased reporting.

For ZonalSports, it is all about the game because facts do not lie.


ZonalSports is a product of Zonal Sports limited and liability Company; a company formed by a team of like-minds and sports enthusiasts.

Who we are

ZonalSports is a greener ground in the sports reporting business.

There are thousands of Sports news agencies, but ZonalSports was built on a solid foundation of technology innovation to offer a quality user experience. ZonalSports competes with its peers by providing a seamless, faster, hassle-free experience while surfing ZonalSports.com.

All features and services made available on ZonalSports were deployed after careful consideration and analysis of what Sports readers want in a sports news website. ZonalSports offers support for all devices (both old and new); the program is optimized for all device's screen sizes and resolutions.

ZonalSports was laced with high-end software tools to ensure optimized service delivery; in summary, ZonalSports is proud to be one of the fastest websites out there through a 24/7 software update of all layers.

It is safe to say that with ZonalSports, users are encouraged not to worry about uncomfortable advert displays, random pop-ups and abnormal website drag or lag.

What we do

ZonalSports uphold the values of Journalism and fair reporting while being aware of the established Journalistic standards.


ZonalSports understands that sports are more than a game; it is a source of passion and succour for our readers and fans alike.

ZonalSports keeps an open mind in sports reporting. Editors working for ZonalSports are not obligated to favour teams and dish unfair reporting. Daily articles emanating from ZonalSports are proofread to ensure it is devoid of personal convictions other than facts and statistics.

Journalistic Standards

Our journalists are expected to work and abide by the general Code of Practice for investigative journalism and follow the industry benchmark for good journalism.

Where readers have complaints or concerns about our reporting, ZonalSports has a robust procedure to ensure those complaints are taken seriously and dealt with speedily. 

We encourage readers not to hesitate to reach out to us because of perceived errors or misplaced facts. Readers can reach out to the team by visiting the Contact Us page and using the appropriate channel.