Al Bayt Stadium: Guide to Qatar World Cup stadiums

Here is a full guide to the Al Bayt Stadium, one of the World Cup venues in Qatar 2022.

Model of Al Bayt stadium
Al Bayt Stadium specifications


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Al Khor, Doha, Qatar



Albert Speer


November 30, 2021




Natural grass

Inaugural event

Qatar vs Bahrain

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World Cup 2022 Stadium schedule

  • Mon 21 Nov 10:00
  • Wed 23 Nov 19:00
  • Fri 25 Nov 19:00
  • Sun 27 Nov 19:00
  • Tue 29 Nov 19:00
  • Thu 01 Dec 19:00
  • Sun 04 Dec 19:00
  • Sat 10 Dec 19:00
  • Wed 14 Dec 19:00

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Al Bayt Stadium is one of the eight stadiums billed to host the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The stadium has a capacity of 60,000 spectators, and is the second largest stadium in the Qatar World Cup after Lusail Stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000 spectators.

It is also one of the more significant, since it will host the opening match and ceremony of the Qatar World Cup

Al Bayt stadium is one of the best sports arena in the world not only in terms of development and technology, but also in terms of design. 

The stadium was inaugurated on November 30 when Qatar hosted Bahrain in the opener of  16-nation Arab Cup competition to a "100 percent sell-out crowd". 

Al Bayt stadium inauguration during the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup

Al Bayt Stadium is the sixth stadium to be inaugurated in preparation for the 2022 World Cup, after Khalifa International, Education City, Al Janoub, Al Thumama and Ahmed bin Ali stadiums.

The stadium will witness five matches in the 2021 Arab Cup, including the final of the tournament on December 18, coinciding with the National Day of the State of Qatar

For the 2022 World Cup, it will host nine matches from the group stage to the semi-finals.

Al Bayt stadium is inspired by the tent inhabited by the people of nomads in the past.

The stadium is located in the coastal city of Al Khor, which is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Qatar. Al Khor is situated just 60 km north of the capital, Doha, and is famous for pearl diving and fishing, which attracted the Qatari nomads to live on the coast. 

This city is a popular tourist destination, enjoying visits in large numbers from around the world because of its natural beauty represented by its charming sandy beach and its modern urban beauty.

Aerial view of Al Bayt Stadium under construction showing the Al Khor surroundings

According to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the design of the stadium – which is being implemented by the Aspire Zone Foundation – takes its name from 'bayt al sha'ar', the Bedouin tent inhabited by the first settlers in Qatar and the Gulf region throughout history.

This design was masterminded by German architect, Albert Speer

These living tents have been in use for decades, and it's adaptation gives the stadium a special beauty and splendor, from the outside and within.

The people of the desert inhabited the bayt al sha'ar after they lived in the deserts of Qatar in search of pasture and water for thousands of years.

In this sense, the design of Al Bayt stadium celebrates an important part of Qatar’s past and mimics its present, bearing in mind the future societal requirements, as it will be surrounded by various facilities that meet these requirements. 

Ground view of the Al Bayt Stadium showing its park and entertainment center

The canopy on the roof of the stadium, inspired by the real shape of the tent structure, will cast a shadow on the pitch. This will contribute to enhancing the work of air cooling technologies throughout the stadium without the need to use additional energy or consume more of it. 

With this in place, players and fans can enjoy the matches in moderate temperatures regardless of the typically high humid temperature characterized by Qatar.

Aside from air conditioning, it will also be equipped with the latest technologies in the field of lighting, sound and image.

Al Bayt stadium can currently accommodate about 60 thousand spectators which can be expanded due to its unique design. 

Once inside the stadium, fans will be warmly welcomed by the vibrant Al Sadu carvings, which is meant to educate the public as well as remind the Qatari fans of their ancestral heritage.

The interior of Al Bayt stadium showing ancient carvings

The exterior is a tent-shaped structure that gracefully embraces one of the ultra-modern football stadiums.

In addition, Al Bayt stadium contains a complete entertainment city, where a variety of sports can be practiced.

This is due to its large area which allows the establishment of a group of stadiums, clubs, and even restaurants and entertainment venues at nominal prices.

Sustainability dominates the area around Al Bayt Stadium, where parks and green spaces form an important part of the design plan for the areas surrounding the stadium. 

One of these is the Al Bayt Stadium Park, one of the more distinctive parks in Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the region, on an area of more than 400,000 km. 

The Al Bayt stadium is surrounded on all four sides by 4 chapels, in addition to 10 places for restaurants and cafes, children’s games and a walkway for camels and horses for the first time.

This structure also houses the Qudurat Social Center and Nomas Center. 

A world-class edifice worthy of hosting the 2022 World Cup, Al Bayt stadium will become a model in the world of stadium construction in the future.

The entrance of Al Bayt stadium showing surrounding parks

Did you know?

After the 2022 World Cup, the transportable seats at the top of the stands will be dismantled and given to developing countries that need to build sports facilities.

The stadium will then be reused to serve the community around it through a 5-star hotel, a shopping mall, a gym and a multi-purpose hall. 

Aspetar, a leading sports medicine hospital in Qatar, will open near the stadium.

Hotels and accommodation near Al Bayt stadium

Many hotels and typical accommodations will also be built differently near Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar. 

In addition, a group of restaurants will prepare the most delicious dishes from the most famous kitchens from around the world, so that visitors to the country coming to attend the World Cup do not feel any shortage whatsoever.

Our two recommended hotels closest to the stadiums where visitors can lodge in are:

  1. Core Bay residence hotel; and
  2. Sultan Al Khor Hotel

1. Core Bay Residence Hotel

The Core Bay Residence, a 3-star hotel, the best of its kind for families, is one of the most beautiful hotels in Doha, located 7.0 km from Al Bayt Qatar Stadium, it contains the following:

  • Spa and wellness facilities, 
  • state-of-the-art fitness club, 
  • foreign currency exchange facility, 
  • cheap airline tickets booking, 
  • private travel baggage storage.

The hotel is also 2.0 km from McDonald’s restaurant, the distance from Ras Laffan Industrial City to the hotel is 25.0 km, and Hamad International Airport is 48.2 km away from the hotel.

2. Sultan Al Khor Hotel

The five-star Sultan Al Khor Hotel in Qatar is considered one of the best hotels in Doha, and is located 7.0 km from the stadium site. This hotel provides you with the following:

  • Decorated bridal suites, 
  • secure car parking, 
  • fast Wi-Fi networks, 
  • supervised children’s play areas, 
  • functional concierge services.

The hotel is located 1.0 km from Al Khor Corniche, and the distance from Hamad International Airport to the hotel is 48.1 km.

15 facts about Al Bayt stadium

Opening ceremony of the FIFA Arab World Cup 2021 at the Al Bayt Stadium

  1. The stadium, which is being implemented by Aspire Zone Foundation, takes its name from the House of Hair, the tent inhabited by the people of the desert in Qatar and the Gulf region throughout history.
  2. Al Khor, which hosts the stadium, is 60 km north of the capital, Doha.
  3. It can accommodate 60,000 spectators and will be surrounded by various facilities that meet future societal requirements.
  4. After the tournament ends, the seats in the upper part of the stands will be completely removable and given to developing countries that need to build sports facilities.
  5. Al-Bayt Stadium received a sustainability rating of Category (A) from the Global Sustainability Assessment System.
  6. The design of Al Bayt Stadium will reduce the amount of energy required to give fans and players a cool and comfortable atmosphere.
  7. A light canopy, inspired by the tent structure, will shade the pitch from all sides, complementing the air-cooling techniques available in the venue.
  8. The area of the park surrounding the stadium will be equal to the size of 30 football fields.
  9. Fans will arrive at the stadium via tree-lined walkways.
  10. Football fans outside Qatar will benefit from the legacy of Al Bayt Stadium in the future, as new stadiums will be built using approximately half of its seats, which will be dismantled after the end of the tournament.
  11. After the World Cup, the new capacity will be 32,000.
  12. The upper part of the stadium will be transformed into a five-star hotel.
  13. The place will witness the establishment of a shopping mall, restaurants, a fitness club and a multi-purpose hall, in order for guests and residents to enjoy a variety of facilities and services.
  14. The stadium site will also house a branch of Aspetar Hospital, one of the leading sports medicine facilities, known for receiving athletes from all over the world.
  15. The stadium site will also house a branch of Aspetar Hospital, one of the leading sports medicine facilities, known for receiving athletes from all over the world. 

How to get to Al Bayt stadium

  1. The stadium can be reached by private car or taxi.
  2. The stadium can be reached by metro 

Locals on the Al Bayt Stadium walkway

Fans will be able to reach the matches via upgraded roads, the Doha Metro, or the Lusail City Light Transportation, a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation that characterizes the city of the future. 

It is worth mentioning that Qatar will witness the closest match between the hosting stadiums in modern World Cup history, because all stadiums are close to each other, and the longest distance between them is not more than 75 kilometers.

This means that fans and players only need to travel through one airport. They can live in the same lodging place during the entire competition and do not need to take domestic flights or change training facilities as in previous competitions.

Qatar World Cup 2022: Summary

A few months after the end of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the world turned its attention to Qatar, which is preparing to host a major football tournament in 2022.

This small Gulf country will become the first country in the Arab world to host the World Cup, kicking off in winter to break the tradition and avoid the summer heat.

The FIFA president welcomed Qatar’s progress in infrastructure during a visit to its capital Doha after the 2018 World Cup. They were inspecting eight stadiums and several training venues, which will be used for a month-long match.

"The World Cup in Russia is the best ever, and the World Cup in 2022 must be better," said FIFA President, Giovanni Infantino, during his October 2018 visit to the desert nation.

"I think this World Cup is very important, not only for Qatar, but for the entire region. This region is passionate about football and has invested a lot of money in the game."

Qatar defeated rivals Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States in 2010 to obtain the right to host.

It plans to open the door to football fans and teams around the world, allowing the latter to participate in the largest sporting event since the 2006 Asian Games.

Qatar human rights violation allegations

Nevertheless, the Gulf country is increasingly being scrutinized for the treatment of its migrant workers.

Dutch players protest Qatar human rights violations

 In February, the Guardian revealed that more than 6,500 migrant workers involved in Qatar's World Cup stadiums constructions from South Asia had died in Qatar in the past decade, 70 percent of which have not been properly investigated or explained.

However, the United Nations International Labor Organization rejected all complaints against Qatar after the draft of the new bill, which provides a minimum wage and legal protection for foreign workers approved by the government in 2017.

Before coming to Qatar, thousands of workers paid for the recruitment fees, and contractors participating in the World Cup project have agreed to reimburse them for more than 14.4 million U.S. dollars.

German national team players protest Qatar human rights violation

Several national teams including Germany, Netherlands and Erling Haaland’s Norway have led protests against the country's human rights violation history. Scandinavian nation, Denmark, who have qualified for the 2022 World Cup have also vowed to protest at the event in Qatar.

All World Cup 2022 stadiums

For the 2022 event, eight state-of-the-art stadiums with advanced open-air cooling technology will be the flagship venues. Six of those stadiums were built new for the tournament while two were extensively renovated and expanded. 

Here are all 8 Fifa world cup 2022 venues:

  1. Khalifa International Stadium
  2. Al Janoub Stadium
  3. Lusail Iconic Stadium
  4. Al Bayt Stadium
  5. Education City Stadium
  6. Al Thumama Stadium
  7. Stadium 974
  8. Ahmed bin Ali Stadium 

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